GSA Club Provides a Safe Space for Members of the LGBT Community and their Allies

GSA Club Provides a Safe Space for Members of the LGBT Community and their Allies

Vanessa C., Staff Writer

With so many different extracurricular activities at Cheyenne High School, it’s common to be unsure of what to participate in. However, Gay-Straight Alliance (G.S.A.) is always a great choice if students are looking for friendly, open-minded peers that are accepting of everyone.

G.S.A. intends to provide a safe and supportive environment for LGBT youth and their allies. This club provides a place where everyone is welcomed and can find a sense of belonging. Surrounded by peers that undergo the same kinds of situations, students are able to build themselves up and bounce ideas and experiences off of each other.

The advisor of the club is Mrs. Bromley-Norwood, and the club’s mission statement is to provide an open and inclusive atmosphere within the Cheyenne community. She explained, “G.S.A. has really allowed me to understand that students need the ‘human’ requirement of socialization. Everybody who’s interested in socializing with each other gets to come into my room and socialize without having to feel uncomfortable.”

G.S.A only has two requirements: to “be human” and to actively attend and participate in the club’s activities. The club participates in many different events around school, which include hosting the Fall, Winter, and Spring Club Fests, helping out at Sadies, making informative posters, and performing at the Multicultural Fair.

Julian T., secretary of GSA, has been involved with the club for three years now. “It has taught me to be more compassionate and to look at things differently. It’s really taught me how to be a proactive member of society, all while learning from other people that have come before me.”

Students don’t need to identify with the LGBT spectrum to join. Heterosexual students seeking to get involved with extracurricular activities are invited to come as well. The club gives students the chance to get to know and socialize with each other no matter their gender or sexuality. Spending so many hours together allows for club members to form a strong family-type bond with each other. G.S.A. is important because students that might not necessarily feel completely comfortable during school can find other people they relate to showing them that they aren’t alone.

G.S.A. president, Cherrie D., has been in the club for four years. “We provide a safe haven, and remind you that you are welcome, and we hope that you’re able to feel comfortable in our club.”

GSA meets every Tuesday from 1:30-2:30 P.M. in room 501. Students can contact Mrs. Bromley-Norwood at [email protected] for more information.