Madrigals: Classical Vocal Training at Cheyenne


Kendra Q., Staff Writer

Cheyenne High School’s Madrigals group is offering a classical style of music that sings its way into the hearts of students.


Madrigals is a style of vocal composition that dates back to the early 1400’s during the Renaissance period. The term Madrigals refers to a small chamber group that is unaccompanied by instruments and is instead sung acapella.


Madrigals are the face of choir at Cheyenne High School and receive the most performances compared to other choir groups.


“We have the Green Valley Invitation Festival in late March, along with a Banquet Dinner at the Venetian, the MLK Parade, and we go to the Adventuredome every year,” stated Portia McClure, the choir teacher at Cheyenne High School.

Being in Madrigals helps students not only improve their abilities as vocalists but also helps in teaching students new aspects of personal work ethic and teamwork.


“It’s shown me that I need to be responsible and learn my part, so I don’t let my classmates down. It wouldn’t be fair to them,” expressed Vanessa C., a student of Cheyenne High School, who is a Madrigal.


The Madrigals are also given different academic opportunities, such as being placed at a higher level in college choir to possibly earning funds to help with future college plans.


“I saw people getting scholarships from choir or band, so I decided to join choir to earn a scholarship,” said Brandon M., a Madrigal and student of Cheyenne High School.


Ms. McClure, the instructor of choir, is excited for the Spring Concert that will be held sometime in March along with tryouts that will begin in late April to help more students enhance their singing abilities and pursue their dreams.


Tryouts to be a part of the Madrigals are open to anyone; the only requirements are to have previous singing experience, experience in sight singing, and the ability to keep up consistently with grades. Students who are interested in being a part of Madrigals are welcome to speak to Ms. McClure at any time in room 407 about auditioning.