Cheyenne High School Student Earns a Perfect SAT Score!


Tessa V. & Ana V., Staff Writers

Ricardo Z., a senior at Cheyenne High School, scored the highest possible score of 800 on the winter administration of the Physics Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).


The physics SAT is one of many subject-based tests that students can choose to take to showcase strengths and interests to their desired college. These tests are an hour long and cover everything a student has learned over the year in that specific subject.


In order to prepare himself to take the physics SAT, Ricardo studied vigorously. He borrowed a book from his physics teacher, Dr. Dunne, in order to study. The book was full of the academic material that he needed to master–such as kinetics, relativity, and magnetism. Any of it could have been on the test.


Ricardo described how he felt when he saw his perfect score. “I was really surprised. I expected a good score, but not a perfect score.”


When Ricardo graduates from Cheyenne, he wants to attend college at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  MIT applicants must take one SAT subject-based test in math, one in science, and they are expected to score between 710-790 on the subject-based tests.


Ms. Naziri, Ricardo’s science teacher explained why preparing for college by taking the SAT is important. “If they are going to a school with competitive admissions, and they know what they’re planning on doing in the future, I suggest they take the subject-based tests, like the Physics ACT.”

When asked about what advice he’d give to students who were considering taking the SAT, Ricardo responded, “I would give them two months to study beforehand, and ask a teacher for a really good book that covers everything. Make sure to read that book twice.”


Students who want to prepare for standardized tests can download various apps in the App Store for iPhone or the Google Play Store for Android.

STORY UPDATE- Ricardo was accepted into MIT!!!