Cheyenne’s Video Production Class Grooms Students to Create Fantastic Visual Art!!!


Tiyonne L., Staff Writer

Video Productions is an elective class available to Cheyenne High School students where they learn how to produce captivating visual art. With advanced technology becoming increasingly available at Cheyenne, teaching students about the technology and to use it properly is something on which Mr. Mesa focuses.


 “I try to teach video production with a historical perspective; I like the history of how everything developed. The way I teach it is to use conversations to teach students to understand how different technologies from the past have evolved into the cell phone.”


Various tasks students do on phones are a form of video production, but the question is: do students know how to use phones correctly to capture the visual art of a video?

Mr. Mesa explained how a video captured on a phone is more than just a series of images. “English is a language, and you have to learn how to speak it. You take a Spanish class, and you speak it the way it’s supposed to be spoken. Video production teaches how to use the language of video production correctly. I’m trying to teach kids how to be more responsible and how to use this new language that’s going to be here for many years,” said Mesa.


Twelfth grade Video Production student, Arwillis S., discussed his passion for the class. “Being able to create–creating something new that nobody has ever done before–is amazing to me. Mr. Mesa gets us to think creatively. It gives me ways to be creative through digital media while learning more about animation and its process.”


An upcoming opportunity for the Video Production classes will be creating a weekly live video to convey important announcements. Instead of listening to announcements, a visual of what’s occurring within Cheyenne High is a way to captivate students.


“Since students are visually inclined, I think students will view the announcements as entertaining and colorful,” stated Mr. Mesa.


Determination to improve Cheyenne’s communication with the public and a positive and open attitude are welcomed in the class and will lead students to success.

There are three levels of Video Production offered at Cheyenne. Interested freshmen or sophomores are advised to sign up with their counselors early in their high school careers to get the most out of all three levels of Video Productions classes.