Cybersecurity Industry Certification Provides Future Job Options for Cheyenne Students!!!

Cybersecurity Industry Certification Provides Future Job Options for Cheyenne Students!!!

Trent A. & Emma H., Staff Writers

Cheyenne High School offers students the opportunity to earn CompTIA industry certifications in cybersecurity. For students interested in cybersecurity careers, the certifications demonstrate to employers that Cheyenne students have the knowledge required to be a successful cyber security industry professional.

Cheyenne students in Cheyenne High School’s cybersecurity classes study cybersecurity concepts online and complete hands-on learning activities, such as taking apart and connecting computers; these practices prepare students to take the certification tests, which, upon passing, earn a cybersecurity industry certification.

Students also collaborate in teams to find cybersecurity flaws in network connections, operation systems, and programs added to devices. To earn the CompTIA A+ certification, students must master knowledge related to hardware building, networking, and security.

Nadjah E., a student in one of Cheyenne’s cybersecurity classes, explained, “We reviewed units, studied about computers, took notes, and got ready for the certification.”

“Earning industry certifications not only confirms that students earned new and important information but also lets employers know that they are qualified and ready to work at certified jobs,” explained Mrs. Bromley-Norwood.

There are many cyber jobs that are currently unfilled. For Cheyenne students who earn  industry certifications, a head-start is provided for entering the in-demand cybersecurity job market.

Mrs. Bromley-Norwood explains the job options for students after earning the industry certifications. “Students can go to college with just an industry certification, or they can work straight out of high school for a company with their certification.”

Jacob I., a student in the Cybersecurity I class, described why the certifications are desirable. “The certification is necessary to get a job in the cybersecurity industry, and lets students get jobs straight out of high school, especially within Vegas and the jobs that are opened here within the casinos.”

Rapidly-developing technologies make it easier for those, like hackers, who want to exploit technology. Providing students a route to earn the industry certification helps the cybersecurity industry hire more qualified professionals to protect today’s technology and make it safer for users.

“There will always be someone not using technology for the good,” agreed Cheyenne cybersecurity student Cherrie-Ann D.

All of the current Cybersecurity students at Cheyenne are working on getting an industry certification in CompTIA A+, and students will be tested at the end of this year school year.