Cheyenne High School’s JROTC Program Attends the Annual JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge


Adam B., Staff Writer

The Cheyenne JROTC program attended the JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge (JCLC) in Fort Irwin, California to demonstrate leadership, motivation, and courage.

This year, 10 percent of Cheyenne’s JROTC cadets went to Fort Irwin California, along with Bonanza High School, Las Vegas , Mojave , Pahrump, Sierra Vista, Silverado and Valley High Schools.

Cheyenne JROTC instructor, Master Sergeant Knutsen, explained how the leadership challenge improves cadets. “It provides cadets leadership by engaging problem solving activities with other cadets, gives training in land navigation, and exposes them to what leadership is and how it is employed.”

“I learned to work with others from other schools and to get a better view of being a leader,” said Cheyenne Cadet Corporal, Darwin D.

Throughout the week, cadets faced many challenges. One of the toughest was being placed in a company with unfamiliar people to work together to overcome leadership challenges.

Cadets coming back from JCLC are rewarded with several different items: the arc pin; JCLC ribbons, which include encampment, athletics, adventure training, and orienteering; and a certificate of training, which was recently added this year. These rewards are given to cadets for their hard work and dedication in becoming good role models and leaders in the Cheyenne community.

“I believe that getting rewards such as ribbons and an arc pin, along with a certificate of recognition, is a very good way to recognize cadets who attended JCLC for the hard work they put in throughout the week they were at camp,” stated Cheyenne’s Cadet Corporal Jaylynn R.

Every year, the JROTC program takes students to a different area to engage in the leadership challenge. Any interested student should meet with their counselor to join Cheyenne’s wonderful JROTC program!