Decked Out on Graduation Day: The Graduation Cord


Emma H., Staff Writer

At Cheyenne High School, students are given many opportunities to earn graduation cords for extracurricular activities and academics.

Being involved in extracurricular activities, such as TRIO, Batteries Included, National Honor Society (N.H.S.), Key Club, and Student Council give students the opportunity to earn graduation cords that symbolize participation and achievements throughout their years at Cheyenne.

Ms. Hodge, a counselor at Cheyenne High School, explained how a student can earn cords. “The more you participate, the more highly decorated you can be for graduation. The time to start is in your freshman year. Get out there and join clubs, or get involved with academic organizations, like N.H.S.”

Aside from being decorative, graduation cords can benefit a student’s profile when applying to colleges. Colleges find students who are active in extracurricular activities more well-rounded.

Hodge explained that it is the student’s responsibility to start thinking about how to present a professional image before applying to college; earning cords on graduation day is one way to project a professional image.

“It’s really the student and how well they do academically. It’s what they do in the community as well because community service is really important. What they do in different organizations–whether on or off campus–looks attractive to colleges. When they’ve chosen to take leadership positions in these particular organizations, that’s really what matters.”

Wearing graduation cords on graduation day gives students a symbolic and colorful representation of all accomplishments and instills a sense of pride. Graduates with cords project much self-confidence when walking on the stage during this important milestone in their lives.

Naomi T., a junior in the “Batteries Included” Club at Cheyenne High School, explained how she will feel on graduation day after earning multiple graduation cords. “Yes, I will feel very proud of myself; graduation is nice but having these cords will make me feel very accomplished.”

Underclassmen interested in earning graduation cords should visit with their counselors and the advisors of clubs who may offer cords. Graduation will be held May 29, 2019 at the Orleans Arena.