The Student Reporting Lab Gives Student News Reporters Opportunities to Perfect their Journalistic Craft!

Raymond S., Staff Writer

The PBS Student Reporting Lab (SRL) has partnered with the video production team at Cheyenne High School. They allow students to better practice their skills.


The SRL partners with many schools around the U.S. with the purpose of guiding people to learn the field of journalism and video production. They aim to prepare students interested in those fields for their futures, and hone their skills as needed.


Kelley Sultan, the Video Production teacher at Cheyenne, described how the program, as a whole, benefits the students. “My students do interviews with students on campus, faculty on campus, administrators on campus, and beyond to try and get to the real heartbeat of Las Vegas and Cheyenne High School.”


The historic and well-regarded news network has not previously taken part with Cheyenne, but the SRL has already sent in and organized for the students involved to start projects and shoot interviews on topics important to the community, and the entire country, as a whole.


Sultan further went on to explain what plans she and the organizers in DC are planning. “Going into the future we will be working on a documentary project that hopefully my students will be actively participating in in the near future, and submitting work for possible nationwide and worldwide play.”


It not only acts as a way to educate students and provide them work to do in their Video Production classes, but it gives them and their community a nationwide voice.


“We are posting lots of additional information about what’s happening across campus, and we’ll be posting some of these interviews that our advanced students have done,”


Students interested in learning more about the program and joining up can start by assisting the Video Production program can learn more by talking to Ms. Sultan in room 813 at any time after school. She is always open to new faces interested in joining and helping in any way they can, and involving more people who want to have a voice.

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