Seniors on the Cheyenne’s Student Council Seek to Spread Kindness and Care at Cheyenne High School!!!


Adam B., Staff Writer

At Cheyenne High School, the senior student council members are planning to improve the school environment for students.


President of Cheyenne’s Student Council, Gisselle T., has decided that spreading kindness and understanding throughout the school with a variety of activities will bring positivity to the school.


Gisselle stated, “Our plan is to work together and share ideas, not only within the student council but with the student body itself.”


The President of the Senior Student Council, Precious K., wants to implement an action plan to translate the student body’s ideas into action. The Council came up with the idea of having students send emails to the President for consideration within the Council.


“With a new generation comes new ideas and diversity. We want to consider all students’ ideas since we represent the entire student body,” stated Precious.


Senior student council members decided that this year’s homecoming pep rally would be dedicated to the sayings of students and what they want to change. During both lunches on Friday, October 4th, the student council hosted games and face paint in the quad, while listening to student’s opinions on how to improve the school.


Precious’s idea is to listen to the student body and make people feel welcomed.  “I want Cheyenne to be a place people come in feeling safe, where they have someone to talk to and have help. Student Council wants to model how to create a welcoming, safe school.”


Senior Student Council members are currently creating and reviewing plans for future activities that they hope will further improve the school’s environment. To submit ideas for how to student council can improve Cheyenne, email the President of Student Council, Gisselle T. at: [email protected]