Cheyenne’s Flag Football Team is on the Road to the State Championship Game!


Erika R., Staff Writer

Cheyenne High School’s flag football team is hoping to be on the road to state with a new varsity coach, Coach Derrick Knox.


The flag football team has been to state championships in three different years and has won 2 out of 3 of those championships. Being back-to-back state champs, the lady shields are determined to win another year.


Coach Knox believes his team has what it takes to take the throne back and win another state championship. “We’re gonna be the bullies on the block this year. They expect it out of us, so we’re gonna do it,” said Knox.


Captains of the team are essential to the team running smoothly and being disciplined. “̈The coach can only coach so far. Captains have to be leaders,” says Knox.


Players who have played with Coach Knox before have faith that Coach can take the varsity team to state. Angel B., a three-year varsity player this year, said Coach Knox would be a great leader for the team. “He can push us past our limits and help us do our best.”


Jaedyn W. is back for her second year and on varsity this year. She stated, “He is going to be tough on us, but he knows what we are capable of doing, and he’ll push us to do what we need to.”


Cheyenne is looking forward to see the flag football team come back and win their third state championship!!