S.A.V.E Club Helps Cheyenne’s Community!!!

Olivia P., Staff Writer

The Cheyenne S.A.V.E. Club is involving students in the community and raising awareness about real social issues.


S.A.V.E. stands for “Students Against Violence Everywhere.” The club gives students an immediate opportunity to see how acts of service can impact communities affected by violence.


Ms. Shumsker, Cheyenne Biology Teacher and adviser of the S.A.V.E Club, explained the club’s focus. “S.A.V.E is a national organization, and we help bring awareness to things like bullying and domestic violence.”


Ivette B., club member, explained why she joined. “S.A.V.E Club to me is not just a club; it is an opportunity to give back to the community and to spread the awareness of the issues in the community, which we do through numerous projects. It brings people together and creates bonds that are unbreakable. S.A.V.E Club to me is valuable because it taught me to love everyone and everything in my life.”


The club goes out into the community to volunteer at places like shelters and churches; they also donate to different causes.


“When we participate in “Convoy of Hope,” the students have an opportunity to give to the community. This is when the students would size the children’s feet and give them shoes, and sometimes it was even the children’s first pair; to see the immediate happiness from something we may see as simple is very rewarding,” said Shumsker.

“We are going to be visiting the Opportunity Village Magical Forest, and the students will be there to volunteer their time and to advertise. They’ll also help run rides through the park,” said Shumsker.

Some future projects include addressing the issue of Domestic Violence Awareness by starting the “Put A Nail In It” Campaign. All students are invited to join S.A.V.E. Club.