Cheyenne’s J.A.G. Program Offers Unparalleled Opportunities for Helping Students Plan their Futures!!!

Cheyenne High School has a program to assist students with the college acceptance process and to provide support for students to achieve their future goals.


The J.A.G., or Jobs for America’s Graduates, program focuses on college- and career goals. Mr. Mayo and Mr. Walker are both advisors of Cheyenne’s J.A.G. program.


Mr. Kenneth Mayo explained, “The students here at Cheyenne High School love us. The kids that are not a part of J.A.G. want to be a part of it; kids who don’t have the class want it. We have a waiting list; we have kids that are demanding that they’re in this program. That’s how bad they want to be a part of J.A.G. and to have the opportunities it gives.”


The program also helps students with reading and writing resources, job seeking, interviewing skills, and overcoming barriers to achieving college- and career-goals.


Mr. Mayo explains the benefits of having access to a program like J.A.G. “I remember when I got out of high school, I didn’t have a program or anyone to help me or say ‘what is it that you want to do.’ If I would have had a program like this to help me, I would be somewhere else, but I’m glad I am here today. I have no regrets.’’


J.A.G. also provides career advice and tutoring services as well. “Anywhere the kids want to go, we help and do everything in our power to guide them there,” Mr. Mayo says.


Mr. Walker and Mr. Mayo serve as role models and supportive adults for the students at Cheyenne. “I just want to help people. I’m a people person. I love helping young adults,” said Walker.


Any interested students, please contact Mr. Mayo or Mr. Walker in room 201, or students can make an appointment with their counselors to discuss admittance to the program.