Cheyenne High School’s Drama Club is Back in Business!


Ryan W., Staff Writer

The Drama Club at Cheyenne High School is running again this 2019-2020 school year giving students the opportunity to experience drama and technical theater first-hand.


Mr. Coelho, Cheyenne’s new theater teacher, plans to reconstruct the Cheyenne High School theater department, and that task begins with the revival of Drama Club.


Even though his main focus is thespianism and theatrical performance, Mr. Coelho’s views on extracurricular activities stretch further. “Theater is my passion, and I think it is important that everyone find out what theirs is. It doesn’t have to be theater, it can be anything. Just find what interests you, that really puts a spark in you, and that energizes you and gives you joy.”


The club partakes in a plethora of activities, including theater games, hosted events (such as one acts), and theatrical performances. This spring, Cheyenne will perform a musical!


The students are very interested and excited when it comes to theater and thespianism. “Theater is a good way to express more emotion and bring out the confidence that I’ve always wanted,” proclaimed Kelly D., an active participant in the club.


Cheyenne’s Drama Club differs from other schools’ due to it being student-run. This means the students dictate how the club is organized and what events they will participate in.


“Drama Club is a student-run organization for those who enjoy theater and want extra involvement,” said Mr. Coelho regarding the way the club will be run this school year.


Drama Club meets every Wednesday in the Cheyenne theater at 1:40 pm and usually runs until 3:30 pm, depending on the meeting. Drama Club is for those who want to engage in the wonderful world of theatrics and advance their knowledge in the thespian arts while having tons of fun!