Cheyenne’s B.S.U. Club Provides Students with Unique Experiences!!!


The Black Student Union (B.S.U.) is a club at Cheyenne High School that gives voices to the black community on campus and promotes personal growth.


B.S.U. takes part in community service, conferences, conventions, and freedom rides, where students follow the path of African-Americans who rode in buses to segregated areas to fight segregation in the South. These activities expose students to different aspects of their identity.


Treena Smith, advisor of B.S.U., explained, “By the end of students experience in B.S.U., students will have enough confidence to do what they want to do in life.”


The club helps Cheyenne students understand and celebrate the importance of culture and heritage.


Jessante J., Secretary of B.S.U., explained, “It’s not limited to one culture; it has multiple diversities, and this allows us to understand each other’s cultures and respect each other.”


B.S.U. makes changes not only throughout Cheyenne, but throughout the nation. The club travels out-of-state and speaks to communities about real-life situations affecting students today.


Winter G., President of B.S.U., explained that she previously spoke on a panel for a presidential candidate. She stated, “I answered questions about gun violence and had a chance to redo a speech that I wrote for a rally last year.”

B.S.U. welcomes and encourages Cheyenne students of all races to join the club. If students are interested in joining, meetings are on Thursdays after school in room 211.