Refurbished, Repainted, & Renewed at Cheyenne High School!

Cheyenne High School

Samuel U., Staff Writer

Despite the current absence from Cheyenne, returning students will see a number of new upgrades and improvements to campus, including new carpeting, paint, and security cameras. 


Cheyenne High School has utilized the time without any students on campus as an opportunity to install entirely new carpeting, paint, and cameras, as well as completing general repair and maintenance. Cheyenne Assistant Principal of Facilities and Athletics, Ms. Jennifer Manning, described this time as a chance to do more than just surface-level repairs in terms of school maintenance.


Every last inch of carpeting has been replaced as well as all broken cameras, or worn paint, ensuring a higher standard of quality throughout the school years to come. The majority of the repairs were completed the first week of October, but smaller work shall continue throughout the duration of distance learning. 


The main entrance of the school has also been entirely repainted, while still retaining Cheyenne’s signature blue and gold. Cheyenne High School junior, Kelly D., described the importance of a new look for students. “Cheyenne remodeling the school and adding more security gives a sense of hope for the overall feeling of the school.” An increase in quality as well as safety definitely has the potential to increase and boost student morale.


The added security can increase student safety by ensuring higher quality footage as well as fewer “dead spots” where students may not be seen. When asked what she believed to be the best part of the campus improvement efforts, Ms. Manning responded, “For me, the anticipation of when your faces light up when you walk in and look around and see we really care about you guys.” 


Despite the drastically different experience faced by students and teachers during distance learning, Cheyenne High School continues to work to better itself and awaits the return of students to a better, newer school than was last visited.