Strategies for Success in Online Learning

Strategies for Success in Online Learning

Shanette R., Staff Writer

Since students around the country have transitioned to online learning, many have found it a struggle to organize their online school day.


However, when a student wants to succeed and the teacher has the tools to support the student, learning will happen whether school takes place online or in-person.


Being self-motivated is the first step to being a successful online student. Self-motivation is important because a student is doing independent work and the only person who can really push a student when a teacher isn’t present is themselves.


Cheyenne High School Assistant Principal and former online teacher, Ms. Anna Slighting, explained, “Success is all about one’s mindset.”


Dedicating 6 to 9 hours per week to school work is the second step to being a successful online student. It’s all about time management and students tend to underestimate how long an assignment will take.


“It takes a full day of school to understand a concept,” said Slighting.


Setting a schedule for yourself is the final step to be a successful online student. A schedule serves as a to-do list and keeps assignments organized.


Kani S., Cheyenne High School senior, offers this advice to struggling students: “I do my hardest assignments the day they are assigned and the easier assignments later on in the week. That is what works best for me.”


For students who are struggling, CCSD offers academic support via telephone (702-799-6644) in Spanish and English. CCSD also has many resources for students and families on the “Reconnecting with Students” portion of their website: 


Cheyenne High School encourages students to reach out to teachers to schedule additional academic support during teachers’ office hours or reaching out to counselors for social and emotional well-being during this time; a counselor virtual meeting request can be submitted on this website:


Teachers and counselors can offer advice for self-motivation, time management, and creating a schedule. We are all eagerly awaiting the return to our beloved school, but until then, let’s finish semester one strong! Go Desert Shields!