Cheyenne Track Team

by Zarieonah K

Cheyenne Track Team

David P and Franchesca H

The Cheyenne Track Team is up and running again! The team has been going on for 25 years and is still striving to get better each year.

To help the runners meet their goals, Coach Thrasher has students perform distance runs and sprints. The difference between a distance run and a sprint is simply the meters a runner completes; sprints are faster and shorter, and distance runs start with the 100 meter dash and go up to 200 meters.

Mr. Thrasher, Cheyenne’s head track coach, is now on his sixteenth year at Cheyenne. Coach Thrasher overcame obstacles to getting his program established, but since then, the track team has won 38 state championships.

Last year, 75 runners became a part of Cheyenne’s track team. Runners perform intramurals in order to train and prepare their bodies for the exertions and endurance of the sport. Towards the end of the season, runners try to maintain their speed and physical performance to prevent injuries.

Mr. Thrasher stated, “Four things I tell my students before they start running is:”

  • Be prepared so you’re ready for your challenge.
  • Eat and drink healthy things so your body can be strong instead of weak.
  • Get a lot of rest so your body isn’t stiff, and
  • Warm-up, or at least stretch, before you run the track.

The track team practices quite a bit to get prepared for their events. They meet Monday through Friday from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm and are currently conducting intramurals. Tryouts, which are open to all students, will take place on February 27th.