Cheyenne Varsity Quiz: Small Team with a Big Brain

By Girly T.


Ivan R and Brayan A

Varsity Quiz has been going on for 43 years and is still striving on. Melissa Jock, Cheyenne’s Varsity Quiz instructor, is now on her fifth year with the club.

“My goal for Varsity Quiz is to have fun, be competitive, and to win as many matches as we can,” said Jock. “As much as I like winning, it is important that the kids have fun and develop lifelong friendships.”

Throughout the years, Cheyenne’s Varsity Quiz has been improving slowly but surely. The competition has been tough considering other schools had bigger teams.

“My first year we did not win any matches but we had a great time; the second year we won a match; the third year we won a match and tied a match,” said Jock. “This year, we had the best record: we won three matches and lost two.”

With Varsity Quiz being like all other sports in the NIAA, playoffs and state championships do happen. The top two schools from every division advance into the playoffs.

“This year we ranked third in our division, which is a huge improvement from previous years,” said Jock. “Ranking third was our statement to other school that we are not to be forgotten about.”

Cheyenne’s Varsity Quiz Club has a lot of positive potential for the future. Engaging the lower classmen has been a challenge, and Ms. Jock and the administration are constantly looking for ways to recruit younger minds into the club.

“My goal is for us to win even more matches and to build a team that consists of more than just Seniors,” said Jock. “Every year we are rebuilding our team from scratch and it would be nice to have some returning players.”