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Kasey J.

Cheyenne’s Got Talent!

“A Little Beauty in the Dark”

Graphite, oil, charcoal, and pastel on paper, 8 ½ x 11

“My piece represents people passing on kindness to other people who are in need of it.  Just with the purpose of making someone smile, or laugh, is what peace truly means to me.  Everyone needs to realize that the other person always has a background, a story. Sometimes all people need is a little beauty to remind them that life isn’t all bad.  That’s what I’m trying to portray.  That is peace.” – Kasey J.

Art and words are a powerful combination when the right person brings them together and Cheyenne High School‘s Senior, Kasey J. did just that. The Nevada Youth Alliance in partnership with Clark County School District-Community Partnership Program and the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation hosted its 5th Annual “Imagination Celebration” Youth Art Contest. Students designed their own original art depicting their interpretation of what peace looks like to them and writing about their own understanding of how they see the community in which they live in. Talent, dedication, and innovation led Cheyenne High School Senior, Kasey J. to land as a Top ten finalist. On Saturday October 11, 2014 the Top Ten Finalists gathered in Town Square Las Vegas for the awarding ceremonies to announce the top three winners. Over 1,000 student artist competed and Kasey J. was awarded 2nd place for her drawing. She was awarded a $250.00 gift card for Town Square shops as well as her teacher, Ms. Faultersack winning a $75.00 gift card for Town SquareShops. Kasey’s original art is now being displayed in The Las Vegas City Hall.

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