Cheyenne student to play at Carnegie Hall!

Cheyenne student to play at Carnegie Hall!

Russell O., a senior at Cheyenne High School, will be getting the world’s greatest opportunity; he was selected to play the trumpet at Carnegie Hall in New York City with elite student musicians from around the world.

After the news broke, Ms. Balodis, Cheyenne’s Video Productions teacher, asked him about his school life.
Oh the credentials! First, he is the horn sergeant of the marching band, but Russell is also the vice president of the Jazz Club.

With all of these important titles, it’s easy to see how he was nominated. Oliver explained to Ms. Balodis that the auditioning process was “time consuming” but “all worth it”.

He mentioned that he got his results from the auditions two months later on Halloween Day; he continued to explain that he was at the school with the band preparing for a competition when he got the acceptance email.

Russell called his parents to tell them he was accepted only to hear his mother already crying on the other end–his band teacher, Mr. Brueckmann, had already called her.

Russell is set to perform this upcoming February in Carnegie Hall’s 125th Anniversary concert in New York City. Good luck Russell O.! We’re confident that you’ll make Cheyenne High School proud!