Cheyenne’s Top of the Chart Graduation Rates

By Dominique R.

Cheyenne's Top of the Chart Graduation Rates

Ivan R

Cheyenne’s graduation rates have given them the right to claim the title of the “Highest Graduation Rate in North Las Vegas.” As of 2016, at Cheyenne, the students are held to a higher standard and are aided to be successful in every aspect of life.

Ms. Matlock, a spirit-filled counselor at Cheyenne, believes that “Cheyenne has implemented a lot of opportunities to assist students with graduation.” She went on to explain how Cheyenne offers many extracurricular activities that help support an increase in graduation rates.

The counselors make it important for the students to be aware of where they are academically and where they need to be. Ms. Matlock stated, “We just don’t leave any room for a student to slip.”~

Measures are taken by the teachers, students, and counselors to make sure each grade level works to achieve their goal. Gradually a common goal emerges: everyone must graduate.

A common mindset is what keeps seniors reaching new heights. A feeling of togetherness being that “this is ‘Cheytown'” spreads throughout the classrooms.

So what is it that motivates the seniors and all students to graduate? Ms. Matlock answered, “They know we’re all in this together.”